Most frequent questions and answers

1. Download the program from Google Play
1. Register your account in the program using your Google account
3. Enter your personal account information
4. Welcome to the home page of the program

1. Click on the Recharge Account icon
2. Enter the recharge amount that you want to charge your wallet with
3. Choose the method of payment, whether by credit card, Aman outlets, or Masary
4. Confirm that you agree to the amount paid after tax
5. Enter the credit card information and complete the payment process
Or use a security number to pay at one of the security outlets
6. The wallet balance is updated within a minute of completing the payment

1. Search for and choose your preferred doctor
2. Choose the service you want to request from the doctor
3. Enter a simple overview of the problem and attach any pictures or files that help the doctor diagnose the problem
4. If you have checked in the doctor’s office before, send a copy of the doctor’s prescription
5. Click Service Request.
6. The value of the service is deducted from the wallet.
6. The service has now been requested and a notification of the request has been sent to the doctor.
7. The doctor will approve the counseling request at the earliest opportunity and initiate the consultation
8. You can now send text and voice messages, files and pictures from the camera to the doctor in a similar way to popular communication programs such as WhatsApp and Telegram.
9. You can view previous consultations by clicking on the conversations icon, choosing your doctor, and choosing your consultation with the doctor