Most frequent questions and answers

1. Download the program from the Google store or from the link
2. Create your account using your Google account
3. Complete your basic information
4. Welcome to the program at the home page, note that your account is not activated yet,

1. Now you must complete your profile and enter information about you, your medical specialty, workplaces, private clinic or medical center in which you work in both Arabic and English.
2. Enter the services you want to provide and the financial value you want to obtain in exchange for the service
For example, medical consultation service, post-examination follow-up, examination reservation, home visit. Or any other service you want to add
3. Send a copy of the Physicians’ Syndicate card in the designated form from the program interface, in order to verify the identity of the doctor providing the service
A customer service representative will contact you, and your data will be reviewed within one working day and your account will be activated through customer service.
Congratulations, you can now receive prepaid consultations through the specialist program

1. From the wallet page, click on “Send bank account information”
2. Submit the details of your bank account that you would like to receive money on in the designated form
3. Note that the account holder’s name must match the name of the doctor providing the service
4. The data will be reviewed by customer service, who will contact you to confirm the data
Congratulations, your money will now be transferred from your wallet automatically during the first ten days of every month with a minimum of 500 pounds after deducting the bank transfer fees

1. When a client requests medical advice from you, you will be notified through the program that a new medical advice is awaiting your approval
2. Click on the notification or open the program directly
3. You will find the advice on the main page waiting for your approval
4. Click on counseling to open a consultation
5. You can now agree and start consulting, request to change the service to another service, or refuse and cancel the consultation
6. In the event of a request to change the service to another service. The consultation begins automatically after the patient agrees to the amendment and pays the difference in the service cost
7. You can now send text and voice messages and receive files and pictures from patients
8. After the patient has been counseled, the doctor must end the counseling session from the side menu, to receive the value of the consultation in your personal wallet and close the current session. The patient cannot now send any messages to the doctor except by requesting a counseling session